Do You Have Back Pain?

low back pain

There are two basic causes of the vast majority of back pain in Brookline. The first cause is injury from, for example, lifting something too heavy, or being in an accident. The second cause is from daily activities that repeatedly strain the lower back, such as bending incorrectly, sitting too long, or injurious postural patterns such as leg crossing or habitually leaning forward while sitting.

The back is made of spinal vertebrae and hip/pelvic bones, ligaments and muscles. Just like other human body areas like teeth, the heart, the feet, etc., when the back is not properly taken care of, it can develop abnormal movement and alignment, or positioning, of bones and other structures. When these bones and other structures, like muscles and ligaments, are left in an abnormal condition long enough, serious pain and degenerative changes can eventually develop (such as spinal arthritis, or osteoarthritis, and disc degeneration-herniated, or protruded/bulging discs).

Traditional treatments for back pain in Brookline have been pain and anti-inflammatory medication, rest, physical therapy, steroid injections and surgery. Unfortunately, these treatments often fail to get a person out of pain and correct the cause of the problem. Surgery and steroid injections may, in fact, be risky, as they are sometimes complicated by serious infection and/or damage to surrounding tissues (while failing to alleviate pain).

Our Brookline Chiropractic Center office offers treatments that are gentle, painless and non-invasive (no injections, no surgery,  and no harmful medications). Unlike traditional treatments, we direct our efforts toward not only getting the patient out of pain as soon as possible, but also correcting the underlying cause of pain. The specific treatments we do in our Brookline office include low-force spinal manipulative therapy (absolutely no ‘cracking’, forceful twisting, or ‘popping’ of the back or neck), therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education (for example of injury-causing postural habits), and therapeutic soft tissue work. These treatments have been proven, in evidence-based studies as well as empirically (verified by the observations and experience of thousands of doctors with millions of patients worldwide), to have been clinically effective again and again and again, etc.

The best advice is to extend us the opportunity to show us what we may do for you. Call us and schedule a visit. To make it easy for you, we offer a no-pressure, no obligation, free initial consultation. Sometimes you have to temporarily step outside the arena of traditional treatment in order to get an excellent, outstanding clinical result, or outcome.

Unfortunately, sometimes for financial reasons, your family physician and/or specialists may not mention the availability of the special types treatment our office provides because if they did refer you to us, they may fear they may possibly lose a certain element of control over you, the patient. Most regular doctors like primary physicians (PCPs) or family physicians prefer to refer to doctors within what is called their “circle of referral” because, among other things, it provides business for the doctors and colleagues within that doctor’s affiliated hospital. (Because of insurance “cuts” today, many hospitals are really hurting financially; that’s why they’re advertising so much now- on television, radio and in newspapers- and “suggesting” their member physicians and staff to “keep it in the family” when referring). By the way, we will work together at Brookline Chiropractic Center in accordance with all your doctors to help you get out, and stay out, of pain!

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