Struggling with Neck Pain?

neck pain

Neck pain in Brookline has two basic causes.

The first is traumatic, i.e. there has been some type of injury, such as an automobile or bike accident, that injures the neck. This may have occurred recently, so the pain is more acute; or the injury may have happened some time ago which, left untreated properly, may have resulted in osteoarthritis of the spine and chronic pain.

The second cause of neck pain is more insidious, resulting from the type of repetitive postural strain that occurs, for example, when someone leans forward to look at a computer or a cell phone a lot during the day.

Other symptoms that may accompany neck pain are: shoulder pain and stiffness, especially at the upper shoulder blades; headaches, both migraine or tension; and sometimes pain, numbness or tingling in the hands or arms. The cause of these symptoms is usually radicular, which means “pinched nerve” or nerve irritation.

Traditional treatments in Brookline for neck pain may include pain medication and/or muscle relaxers, physical therapy, and massage. In some cases, even steroid injections or surgery may have been recommended. Unfortunately, these treatments frequently fail to eliminate pain, because they are not correcting the actual cause of the pain.

The reason many traditional treatments for neck pain fail to resolve the painful symptoms is that they do not correctly treat the actual cause of the pain. In our Brookline Chiropractic Center office, we do a specialist examination of the neck and surrounding tissues. This exam often reveals previously undiagnosed abnormalities in the movement and positioning of the bones of the neck. More important, however, is that once the abnormalities, called spinal subluxations, have been identified, they may be correctly, and gently, treated. In our office, we have had wonderful results treating hundreds of patients with neck pain, over the last 31 years.

Best advice: if you’ve been suffering with neck pain, and/or shoulder, arm/hand or headache pain, call for an appointment to give us the opportunity to do a proper neck assessment and recommend good treatment. It’s a gentle diagnostic exam and, if indicated, it’s gentle treatment, with absolutely no “cracking” or forceful movements of the neck. Hope to see you at Brookline Chiropractic Center!

Don’t let yourself struggle with neck pain.  The team at Brookline Chiropractic Center in Brookline is here and excited to help you!  Call if you have any questions.  Today is the day to begin chiropractic care!

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