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What symptoms can chiropractic care be helpful for?

It is well documented in the medical literature that chiropractic treatment may be helpful for the following symptoms: lower, middle and upper back pain; neck and shoulder pain; headaches; disk protrusions (bulging) and disk herniations; leg pain resulting from a pinched nerve (often called “sciatica”); lower extremity problems involving the hip, knee, ankle, foot; and upper extremity problems involving the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand.

How does chiropractic care help things like ear infections and allergies?

Chiropractic care may help with ear infections by locating and removing pressure on spinal nerves that supply the ear tissue; and chiropractic care may also help with allergies by stimulating nerves that may boost the immune system, helping assist in alleviating allergies.

How often should you have chiropractic care for optimum results?

The frequency of chiropractic care varies with the condition. For example, for an extremely painful, acute condition (say lower back pain where the patient is reporting pain as an “8 out of 10″), it may be necessary to see the patient each day until the pain (and underlying “bad” spine condition) are reduced so the person is not in as much pain. On the other hand, after completing a period of “active” care (for example to treat a painful neck condition, a patient may elect to receive monthly, or quarterly “maintenance” or supportive chiropractic treatments, similar to, say, dental check-ups.

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