Chiropractic Misunderstandings

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1. What are some common misunderstandings that patients have about chiropractic?

First, that chiropractic is painful. In actuality, there are chiropractic techniques available that are extremely gentle, for those individuals who prefer to not have their spine “cracked’ or “popped”. Second, that chiropractic treatment is not covered by insurance. Actually, most insurance companies do cover some amount of chiropractic care, because they have found that chiropractic treatment is generally very cost-effective (costs them, and the patient, generally less than other forms of medical care like steroid injections or surgery (and is far less invasive or potentially dangerous). Lastly, there is a general misunderstanding that chiropractors are less trained than other doctors. In fact, chiropractors are required to receive their medical education from accredited colleges, which means they are held to the same standard as mainstream medical colleges.

2. What would you tell a patient considering chiropractic care?

I would say that chiropractic care has been a lifesaver for millions of people around the world in recent decades. Chiropractors have kept people from undergoing potentially damaging and life-threatening procedures such as spinal surgery and epidural steroid injections, or from consuming (and maybe becoming addicted to) potentially harmful drugs.

3. What techniques do you use in your office?

In our office, we utilize several different techniques; first, we do an extremely gentle and painless form of spinal manipulation (also called spinal adjustments); many patients love the work because there is no forceful “popping” of bones that some folks find scary or uncomfortable. We also do “regular” spinal manipulation for those who prefer (or are accustomed to) the more “classic” types of chiropractic work. We also utilize soft tissue work (like massage) when necessary, and prescribe therapeutic exercises to assist patients in healing as rapidly as possible.

4. What makes your office special in your city?

Our office is special because our lead doctor is one of the most experienced, longest-practicing chiropractors in the city, and in Massachusetts. We are able to assist patients who are experiencing lower back pain; hip, leg and “sciatic” pain; and disc bulging, protrusion and herniation. We also treat neck and shoulder problems, and severe, recurring headaches. Finally, many patients come to us with sports injuries (for example, shoulder and knee); bicycle accident injuries, and vehicular-related accidental injuries, like severe whiplash.

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